After Party Bride Flip Flops

If you are planning to have a wedding I suggest that you have a pair of bride flip flops with you. Get some bridesmaid flip flops for your friends while you are at it as well. Take it from my experience – the only thing that saved my night was my pair of flip flops.

The Need for Bride Flip Flops

Like every bride I was very particular with every detail in my wedding. My footwear was no exception. When I was shopping for my wedding shoes, the sales  lady also showed me some bride flip flops. I was all for wearing stilettos in my wedding, but I conceded to buying the flip flops as well since they looked cute and glamorous and I knew that I could use them for other occasions as well.

As luck would have it, the flip flops belonged to a set that was being sold with bridesmaid flip flops in order to cater to the whole bridal party. I conceded to this purchase. After all, your wedding is the only time where I can splurge and I realized that I have not purchased my bridesmaid gifts yet. The flip flops would do for that.

As it turned out, I felt very fabulous in my stilettos during the first hour, but after that I started to feel uncomfortable. By the time the wedding ceremony was over my feet was starting to ache. During the reception, I could barely dance with my groom because my feet became really sore by then. I was dying to take my shoes off!!!!  Then I remembered the bride flip flops that were waiting for me in my hotel room.

Bride Flip Flops Means Comfort

I grabbed my bridesmaids and took them to the hotel room telling them that I had a surprise they would absolutely love. They thought I was crazy for disappearing when the party just started, but when I started giving them the bridesmaid flip flops…there were no complaints.

We were all relieved to take off our shoes and get out feet into the cozy flip flops. Decked in their bridesmaid flip flops, my friends easily became the life of the party in the dance floor as they started grooving to the music comfortably.

I felt relieved that the sales lady led me to check on bride flip flops when I was out shopping for my bridal shoes.


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