Bridal Flip Flop | Fastest Growing Trend

One of the fastest growing trends these days are bridal flip flops and they are the hottest thing in weddings. They are becoming so popular that they are now even used as gifts.  The brides wear them, the bridesmaids have bridesmaid flip flops and they are even being given as gifts to the guests.

These days flip flops are worn to almost all occasions, even in some formal gatherings, so having everyone at the wedding wear them was the logical next step.

Bridal Flip Flops—IN, Stiletto Heels—OUT!

Bridal flip flops are the new IN trend these days and most of the wedding planners add them in as an extra gift for the people who want to dance comfortably at the wedding. The bridesmaid loves to wear their bridesmaid flip flops around the wedding venue and mind you, they really look good with those flip flops on them.

The couples during weddings just looks so cute with those flip flops on while entertaining the guest, enjoying the time of their lives on their very special day

One thing about wearing flip flops on weddings is that, the entourage just feels so comfortable wearing them and that it saves them from the burden of wearing that formal footwear until they call it a night. Another thing about bridal flip flops is that even if it’s very obvious that they are flip flops, they can be designed not to look like one.

New Flip Flop Concepts

One of the new concepts of the flip flops is the bridal flip flops. Instead of being the natural flat design, there are designs that are coming out every month that are no longer flats. The new wave of these flip flops now come with heels and the concept is based on the bridal flip flops and the bridesmaid flip flops as well.

So, for those who love using flip flops, the flip flops are here to stay.  No matter what the occasion is, there is always a perfect pair to put on and flaunt and become the center of attraction—just like bridal flip flops during weddings. Just choose the right style and the right concept, and then you are sure to be the talk of the town.


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