Bride Flip flop – Plan a Spa Day for you and your Bridesmaids

Spa day can happen before and after the wedding. But the best time to go at spas where you and your bridesmaids can fully relax is after the wedding where your mind is free of stress and anxieties of the coming wedding. And it is also after the wedding where there are stuffs important you can bring there. It’s your bride flip flop you wore on your day and the pair of flip flops you gave to your bridesmaids.

Going to spas is not just about relaxation, it could also be a treat to your brides as a gratitude of their presence and help in your wedding. They are important casts in your bride for they simply fill beauty in your wedding. These group of girls serves as the introduction of your walking in the aisle. So they deserve to be taken out for some fun and relaxation. But you should not let them forget to bring their bridal flip flop. This is the best stuff they could feel to bring utmost comfort and style.

What to Bring on your Spa Day

If you are planning to have a day with your bridesmaids in the spa, you have to make sure you bring important stuffs such as bride flip flop. There is no need to buy these for you can use the flip flops you wore on your wedding. There are few reasons why it is important to bring bridal flip flop in the spas. And they are the following:

  • They give you full comfort that other footwear can’t give. They are made out of light materials which won’t hinder you in moving freely.
  • They are versatile. Whatever outfit you wear will complement with your bride flip flop.
  • They never let you run out of style. When it comes to being in style, wearing flip flops won’t let you get left behind.

How to Look Elegant with your Bride Flip flop

The simple accents and the color of the bride flip flop has the ability to make you look elegant. They are not as classy as other footwear, but the style they have can fit in any place you go. And in your plan of going to the spa, you and your bridesmaids won’t look less elegant but most of the other people in the spa will be impressed as to how you managed to stay fashionable and stylistic. Here are some important points to do to look elegant in your day of relaxation.

  • Choose an outfit with colors that will coordinate well with your bridal flip flop.
  • Do not wear too long dresses for this will hide your bride flip flop. The more they are visible, the more they could get you feel elegant.


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