Bride Flip Flops Spa Day

Getting married is stressful…. That’s why a spa themed bridal shower is a great way to celebrate.  If your best friend is getting married why not get her bride flip flops and throw a spa themed bridal shower before her big day.  You can also get flip flops for the rest of the girls who are attending as a shower gift. And while you are at it, give the bride wedding flip flops as your wedding gift?

Bride Flip Flops for the Spa Day

The spa themed bridal shower is perfect these days as every bride deserves one day to pamper her self and be spoiled and surrounded with her closest friends like you. You can all go on a weekend spa get away or have a home pampering party where you have mani pedi’s at the house.

We did this for my best friend Amy who was a sucker for flip flops that she even chose to wear the wedding flip flops over her Manolos for the actual wedding. It was not a bad idea since she was going to have a garden wedding and anyone would prefer to walk on flip flops in the soft ground over stilettos.

We all had fun giving her the royal treatment.  We were laughing and chatting the whole time reminiscing about the past. Amy loved the bride flip flops that I got for her bridal shower that she wore it immediately.

Bride Flip Flops as Wedding Gifts

If you are short on time to buy wedding gifts then I suggest that you get wedding flip flops for her.  She can still use her fabulous dressy and glamorous bride flip flops for the wedding but wear her bridal flip flops on the dance floor.

I was short on time and although I knew that Amy already had a bride flip flops spa version I made my way to get her a more dressier pair – but not as dressy as her wedding flip flop. She loved it still and said that I alone had just added two pairs in her flip flop collection.

It was the most beautiful wedding that I have attended and I was glad to see that my best friend was happy – not because I gave her flip flops but because she has found the man of her dreams.


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