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Kid Spas On The Rise

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Kid Spa Pedicure and ManicureYou enjoy a nice manicure and pedicure so why wouldn’t your kids?  Kids spas are on the rise according to an article in the Lake County News-Sun.  Apparently, kid spa “pedicures and manicures utilize ME! Bath’s ice cream-flavored polishes, so kids can have nails that smell like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or papaya nectar. Hairstyle themes run the gamut from “rockstar” to “princess” to “mermaid luau,” and hair extensions or a tiara are included.”

The only thing to top of your kid spa day would be a fabulous pair of flexflops in your favorite terry cloth color!

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Fish Pedicure – A new craze?

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Did you ever think you would hear of a pedicure involving fish?  Well, apparently in the UK a new chain of pedicure stores has opened which involve just that, pedicures and fish.   According to an article written by The Crawley Observer,  “Fish spa pedicures involve people allowing Garra rufa fish to eat dead skin from their feet. But concerns have been raised that infections could be spread through open wounds.”

Other sources have noted spas in Northern Virginia and other states introducing fish pedicures on their menu for as little as $35.

A new craze or just plain crazy?  Read the full article here and you be the judge.

Kim Kardshian At The Spa

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to the spa.  The photo reveals Kim getting a mani pedi in preparation for her upcoming song debut “Turn it Up.”  The celeb clearly uses spa days as a relaxation tool before her big day! reports that the celeb will donate profits from her single to charity.

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Celeb Mani Pedis

Best Spa Treatments, Wearing Pedicure Flip Flops and Relax While you Wait

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Most spas recommend to their customers to wear a pair of pedicure flip flops while they are being pampered and taken cared… We are all aware that most of the spas around town give us the best treatments in pampering ourselves—and one better way to do that, prior to all the pampering is to make you feel at home by providing you with the most comfortable pair of pedicure sandals.

Pedicure flip flops are very comfortable and light to use when you walk around a spa which is considered a haven for relaxation and pampering yourself.  It is a place where one can consider it their place of Zen, Peace and Tranquility and to drive away the negative energies.

The Benefits of Wearing Pedicure Flip Flops

One of the benefits of wearing pedicure flip flops is that you are able to enjoy the whole essence of relaxation and getting in tune with one’s inner self. Moreover, what makes it one of the beneficial things when you pay a visit to the spa is because, it will give you that feeling of being at home and that the soles of your feet  can relax and at the same time your newly done nails is safe from being damaged.

Pedicure flip flops are one of the best parlor accessories that are available in the market today. One primary purpose why these pedicure sandals are manufactured is they are primarily designed to separate the toes of your feet.  Obviously, if you have freshly painted nails, you don’t want them to get damaged or whatever, right?

Why you should wear Pedicure Flip Flops?

First and foremost, these pedicure sandals are light-weight, easy to walk around, comfortable and are very useful when worried about being in the parlor and have nothing to wear after you have yourself pampered with a pedicure. Moreover, these pedicure sandals are not just useful, they are fashionable as well.

They come in different colors, shapes and sizes that pretty much make them the most loveable footwear of the sort. Thus, if you are doubting the capacity of these pedicure flip flops, then don’t hesitate to grab one for yourself—you will never go wrong if you give it a chance to give the most comfortable walk in each step that you make in a cute and lovely pair of pedicure flip flops.

Where to Go for a Great Mani Pedi, the Finest Pedicure Flip Flops

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

By now, you are wondering where all these gorgeous ladies found their cute little pair of flip flops the pedicure flip flops that are very cute as well as fashionable and admittedly, one of the finest footwear which is one of the current trends today. Well, the manufacturers are solely dedicated to providing the women of today in finding the best pedicure sandals at a very low cost

Usually, basing from the name pedicure flip flops, you can usually spot the most fascinating designs and colors—to say the least—inside parlors and pedicure houses that you can find in your neighborhood. More often than not, these fascinating kind of flip flops are usually the footwear that you are to use once you are inside the shop getting ready for your manicure and pedicure. Some of the parlor owners and salon owners don’t allow their customers to walk around in their sandals or shoes; thus, they are given a pair of these cute pedicure flip flops to wear so that they would feel comfortable when having their nails done.

What are these Pedicure Flip flops for?

Well, as mentioned earlier, they are used when one is having their nails done. This is so, to protect the nail polished to smear or be destroyed while they are still waiting.

Most of the women have nails when they get out of these pedicure parlors because of pedicure sandals. They are designed in such a way that your toes are separated through a separator so as to protect the nail polish while they are still wet. Pedicure flip flops are one of the best selling flip flops in the market today.

Some parlors provide their customers with flip flops as part of their customer service which gives them an edge over the others who don’t.

Where to buy these Flip flops

Flip flops are available in department stores and boutiques. You can also buy them online. The parlors buy them in bulk, but you can buy one or two and you can choose the color and design. Flip flops are cheap and affordable although there are some that costs more. What’s good about these pedicure sandals is that they can be folded and you can easily put them in your bag and they won’t get deformed even if folded for a period of time. They are also light and easy to carry.

So if you want to pamper yourself with a pedicure at the spa make sure you have your Pedicure flip flops with you, to make sure that you will be comfortable and that your newly painted nails will retain its beauty and won’t get smeared or be destroyed.

Where to Go for a Great Mani Pedi, the Finest Pedicure Flip Flops

Are you in need of a last minute Mani Pedi?

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Do you find yourself wanting to pop into the local chop shop for a pedicure after work but you are wearing heels?

Have you ever gone for an unexpected pedicure appointment, only to realize that you are wearing boots?
There is no reason to cause a post pedicure blemish or go home in flimsy foam sandals; The pedi-twill line will keep you
smudge-free because the sliding strap adjusts to fit your foot. flexflops have a sturdy…perfect for a day of shopping and doing errands after your appointment!

Perfect Addition to Any Pedicure Set

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Are you tried of setting a pedicure appointment only to find out that you would be wearing shoes on that day instead of a flip flop? If you are the type of girl who is fond of pedicures, then you should get this cute pedicure set from Flex Flops. After all, nothing can retain your fresh pedicure better than wearing flip flops after your trip to the salon.

Get Rid of Frustrations with this Pedicure Set

You might be wondering what a Flex Flop is. This is considered to be “emergency” flip flop made out of high quality cotton that fold in half and comes in a matching pouch that is as big as a make up bag.

There are times when women  make a pedicure appointment absently and would only be reminded of that when it is to late and they are already too far from the house to change their shoes. Having the flip flop pedicure set that Flex Flops offer would be a relieving solution to your needs.  For those unexpected pedicure moments, you can easily take off your shoes and switch to wearing flex flops instead.

This pedicure set would keep your newly painted toes smudge and blemish free. They have sliding straps which would adjust to your foot and a ridged bottom so you can actually go on with your errands after your pedicure appointment. The sturdy rubber soles would be perfect for you to walk in.

Other Uses for the Pedicure Set

The Flex Flop pedicure set is becoming very famous as a must have for every fashionista. The portable flip flops can be used for other emergencies as well. Every girl would know that heels bring out the sexiness in your legs, but they are not always comfortable or practical. You can give your feet a break by stepping into a flip flop when you need it the most.

The set would be great for girls who are always on the go. Having them around all the time would also save you from embarrassing shoe situations such as a broken heel.

And you would be glad to know that the Flex Flop pedicure set comes in different variations of styles and colors so they definitely are stylish and worth looking at. They can come in plain designs or with crystal and rhinestone embellishments. You do not only get comfort but your feet would look good in them as well.