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Kate Middleton To Wear Flats!

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

None of us would be shocked to see a bride or groom walking down the aisle on their wedding day in flip flops or flats (especially those of us at flexflop!).  As the Huffington Post recently reported, none other than Kate Middleton soon to be Princess Kate, has also chosen flats as one of her “four” pairs of shoes.  Those of us here at Flexflop have tried to reach the soon to be princess and suggest a pair of flexflops, perhaps the bridal line, however, (sigh) we have had a hard time tracking down Kate.  She seems to  be extremely busy, as any bride is before the big day.  The flats are said to look like slippers and be “covered in multiple layers of silk, and heavily embroidered,” Yvonne Yorkel writes for the Huffington Post.

Kate Middleton to Wed in FlatsPhoto: Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

Royal Bride Catherine to Wed in Embroidered Flats [Huffington Post]

Using Flexible Flip Flops

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

When at the wedding reception, it would be nice to socialize with friends and your family while maintaining a comfortable feet. It would be very tiring and stressful to keep on walking around greeting people in the reception hall wearing those high heeled stiletto shoes. For hours of walking around, the feet would feel really shaky and very tired. This is why the bride as well as the bridesmaids should wear wedding flip flop at the reception.

Of course, wedding flip flop should only be worn at the reception. During the whole duration of the ceremony, the high heeled shoes are still the most appropriate footwear. The wedding ceremony should be solemn and formal. Wearing a pair of flip flops would not be appropriate for the event. This type of footwear should only be worn during the reception. These can even be given as bridesmaid gifts so that the bridesmaids will also have comfortable footwear during the reception.

How Flexible Wedding Flip Flop is?

It is a common misconception that wedding flip flop can just be worn during the wedding reception. Although these are specially made for the wedding reception, these can still be worn anywhere you go since the design of these flip flops are very casual yet elegant and really chic. Wearing this at the beach or the club house will really make you look very fashionable. This is how flexible the flip flops are. The bride’s friends would really feel so great when they receive one of these as a bridesmaid gift.

The wedding flip flop that is sold in the market can be bought in wholesale. This means that you can buy a lot of pairs that have different designs and styles. So that you can wear anything that would fit to your outfit as you go to malls, resorts, beaches, or even in beauty spas. A pair of flip flops is very beneficial because it can provide comfort to your feet making it feel relaxed as you walk around anywhere.

Looking Good with Wedding Flip Flop

The wedding flip flop can be worn anywhere and you would still look good. This is because most of the flip flops are designed with great elegance. This means that women who would wear this will look really pretty and beautiful especially when they pair it with a nice blouse and a nice pair of pants. These can even be given to your friends as bridesmaid gifts.

Cute Gifts for the Bachelorette Party

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

It is customary to have a bachelorette’s party before the bride gets married. This is a tradition that officially sends the engaged woman from the single life to being a married woman. Naturally, gift giving is will never be absent during this kind of party. As the bride-to-be, it is expected that you will receive a number of presents from your girl friends as a symbol of saying congratulations and good luck to a new life. But, you can change the tradition and make it something better by also giving out a pair of wedding flip flop to all your girl friends.

Giving them a bridesmaid gift like this will always be appreciated because nobody is expecting that instead of you receiving presents, you are actually giving them something in return. This can be a good way to change and improve traditions. Each pair of a wedding flip flop is very affordable so purchasing more pairs for your several friends will never hurt your budget. Aside from that these can really be cute during the bachelorette’s party.

Wedding Flip Flop as Gifts for Your Friends

As the bride, it is your friends who are expected to help you in the preparation of your wedding. They will assist you in getting a caterer, preparing the church, creating concepts for decorations, looking for a good place for the reception, and of course, they will help you in choosing the best gown that will make you the most beautiful woman on the day of the wedding. This is why it is right for you to give each of them a bridesmaid gift during the bacherlorette’s party to thank them in advance.

They can wear the pair of wedding flip flop that you gave them in your wedding reception so that they can have something chic after the wedding. This can really be helpful for them so that their feet will feel tired as they dance and socialize with your other guests during the reception.

Staying in Style with Wedding Flip Flop

A pair of wedding flip flop can still make you look good during the wedding reception and you can also wear this during your bachellorete’s party. This is because the wedding flip flop comes with great designs accentuated with lots of crystals and different beadworks. You can choose any design that would fit to your preference and of course that would match you gowns. Aside from being good footwear for the reception, this can also be a wonderful bridesmaid gift to your friends.

Wedding Flip Flop – Great Gift for your Bridesmaid

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

One of the highlights of being a woman is to celebrate her wedding day. This could be the happiest moment in her life so everything should not be less than special. Along with the bride are the bridesmaids, who will serve as the bride’s guide all the way to the altar where her groom is waiting with joy. Without these bridesmaids, the wedding will still continue, but will not be as lively as they are present. With this, brides will definitely be thankful to all of the women who played role during her wedding. The best way to give them thanks is to give gift in return – wedding flip flop.

Just as how much you want to feel comfortable on your wedding, these ladies too can’t stand the long hours of wearing their high heeled shoes. But they have no choice left but to endure the pain. But giving them pairs of wedding flip flop will relieve all of their pains away. This is the most ideal bridesmaid gift you can give them to show your full appreciation of their presence.

Your Guide in Buying Wedding Flip Flops

If you get the idea of giving your bridesmaid wedding flip flop, then you should try to look for ways on how you can buy them the most convenient way knowing that there are still other things which needed to be prioritize before the wedding. Here is a buyer’s guide you can use when purchasing this amazing bridesmaid gift.

  • Look for suppliers online. There are many wholesalers online which has various designs you can choose from. You can have them personalized according to your wedding theme or the colors involved in your wedding.
  • Take a look at the materials used in making the footwear. Make sure they are made of gentle yet durable materials so your bridesmaids can still use the wedding flip flop after your wedding.
  • And do not forget to get their sizes so there will be right flip flops for everybody.

The Characteristics of a Good Wedding Flip flop Supplier Online

There is no doubt that you can find a lot of wedding flip flop suppliers online. But are you sure that the supplier you first chose will give you exactly all that you need? Here are the ways to know if the supplier is worth the purchase you want to make.

  • A supplier must respond to you by the time you ask them about the product they are selling. They should have friendly staff which can attend to you.
  • They should be willing to show you the different options they have with their flip flops.
  • When buying them in bulk, the supplier will offer you lesser amount because it is sold at wholesale prices.
  • They should inform you about the products, the sizes and styles for they are bridesmaid gift as well as the shipment and delivery along with the charges.

Wedding Flip Flops – Great Bachelorette Party Gifts

Monday, April 12th, 2010

One of the most exciting part before the wedding day is the bachelorette party. This is a party for the girls, particularly the bride and her circle of friends having great time. If you have a girl friend who is getting married in a week or month, perhaps throwing her a surprise bachelorette party is one ideal act. And what you can probably give her on that day? Wedding flip flops is the simple answer.

For sure she will really like it for bridal flip flops designed for wedding are elegant and comfortable. This could be something she can use as a replacement of her high heeled shoe. And if you are that generous, you can give the rest of the other girls gifts on the party. And wedding flip flops is still the best option. Buy them in wholesale suppliers and you can get as many pairs as you want enough for every ladies in the party.

How to Buy Flip Flops for the Bachelorette Party

If you have fully decided that the gift you are going to give to the bride-to-be are wedding flip flops, then buying them would be the next thing to do. You will find buying these items fun and easy for there is a wide selection of these footwear.

  • Find wholesale suppliers of flip flops. The internet is the best source to look for the most credible supplier for these kind of footwear.
  • Think about the color you want to buy. Among the bridal flip flops coming out these days, color is one thing that makes them different with each other aside from style. Prefer the color favorite of the bride-to-be. And the rest are varying colors. Make sure each one differs from the other.
  • Be specific about the sizes. Make sure you collect the foot size of all the girls joining the party.
  • Make the suppliers assure you that there products won’t compromise comfort. If there are chances to try the product, go try and see if it passed your standard.

Wedding Flip flops are Cheap

What most people do not know about wedding flip flops is even though they are highly stylish and elegant, is they are not as expensive as what you thought. In fact, you can find this footwear at $5 to $15. If you will be resourceful, then for sure you will be able to get much cheaper flip flops with the style of your choice.

Budget is not a problem when buying bridal flip flops. When you plan these as a gift in the bachelorette party, you will benefit from two things – to save and to give something the receiver would be happy.

Wedding Flip Flops

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Weddings are becoming expensive these days. There are many expenses that need to be considered, from the decorations, to the food, attire and shoes. Speaking of shoes, most bride-to-be hate to face the fact that they have to wear bridal shoes like pumps or stilettos during the ceremony and until the reception. These shoes can be gorgeous and can add inches to height, but they can cause pain to feet when worn for couple of hours. In order for you not to feel much of the pain, you can opt for wedding flip flops instead.

Flip flops gives comfort both to your feet and your pocket. This goes to show that you do not have to invest so much to feel comfortable. Bridal flip flops are sold at very low prices, so you will have the chance of choosing one with the design and color of your choice. You never have to worry about aching feet since wedding flip flops can give you the comfort you deserve on your wedding day.

Wedding Flip Flops Choosing Tips

You can find many wedding flip flops for they are really popular to brides and other ladies in the wedding like the bridesmaids. These sandals come in amazingly pretty colors. The bride’s feet will definitely look fabulous and sexy with the bridal flip flops after the ceremony.

In choosing wedding flip flops that you can use on your wedding, you have to make sure it really is comfortable. Flip flops are the best when it comes to providing comfort. But since it is your wedding, you should also consider the elegance it can give. For your feet to remain relax and comfortable all throughout the ceremony until the reception, a lightweight soft soled flip flops should be the one top on your list.

Find the Best Deals with Wedding Flip flops

Are you looking for the best deals on shoes you are going to wear on your wedding day and it seemed like you are given with no option? Wedding flip flops is simply what you need to have. They are highly available and they can give you the best deals. Bridal flip flops are very affordable. Look for the beautiful flip flops online and you will be able to find affordable and great flip flops.

If you are planning to use it as the official footwear of the wedding, meaning all of the participants will wear the same flip flops, buying them in wholesale will help you save some money. These are better rather than buying expensive shoes that will make you suffer against sores of the feet even if you are just standing or sitting. The bride should be comfortable after the ceremony since there would be lots of socialization at the reception. With aching feet, she simply cannot enjoy so a wedding flip flops would be the best option

The Best Wedding Accessory—the Wedding Flip Flops

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Be the most gorgeous girl on your most important day in your whole lifetime; your wedding day. Be the head-turner, be the star, be like these when you sport a pair of elegant and brilliant looking wedding flip flops that are just perfect for any bride.

One of the main reasons why brides these days want wedding flip flops is that, it coordinates with the whole them of the occasion, all white ensemble that signifies purity and cleanliness and sincerity of the heart—just like every bridal flip flops should be.

Aside from that, wedding flip flops are the perfect accessory for this occasion since the flip flops are one of the most popular products in the country to date. Wherever you may go, whatever direction you may look, you just see a pair of cute little flip flops turning every ragged pavement look like rainbow M&M’s.

Wedding Flip Flops for your wedding

Where to find that perfect pair of accessories for your wedding day? Well, first of all, there are hundreds and hundreds of bridal flip flops manufacturers downtown so it wouldn’t be a surprise to you that in every corner in ever street, there would be a shop that are filled with flip flops in all sizes and colors.

Next, you would have to consider on how your wedding flip flops would look like. Surely you don’t want your bridal flip flops look just like ordinary flip flops on the most important day of your life don’t you? So, the best thing that you should need to do is to look for a shop that specializes on this kind of stuff. Then you talk it over with the personnel on how you would like your flip flops to look like.

Designing your Wedding Flip Flops

There are tons of great options on how to improve the look of your wedding flip flops. You just need to use your creativity and then decide on what style and what design and t trinkets you would want to add to make look so fabulous.

In your wedding day, you will be surprised at how people are amazed by your wedding flip flops. Not only that they look so dashingly inspiring, but also, they would look stunningly beautiful, just the like bride who is wearing those perfect pair of bridal flip flops that everyone has seen.  What more can a bride ask?

The perfect wedding Flip flops

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

For those of you, who want their weddings to be as special as possible, try on a pair of bride flip flops that will match your wedding gowns…and you will get comfort and style. Why choose wedding flip flops over stunning stiletto heels during weddings though?  Are they more fashionable and trendy than the stiletto?  There is no choice…you can have both!

To be truly honest, one of the rising trends today is the flip flops. They come in different shape and sizes and in flashy colors too. They are very comfortable and light and while you are wearing them, you can barely feel them at all.

One of the reasons why the women of today prefer to wear flip flops than their flashy stiletto heel shoes is that, for one; they are becoming a trend. Another thing is that they cost less than a pair of lady’s shoes. Moreover, these things are can be customized, meaning they can be designed to whatever your heart desires.

Other than, being so attached to the flip flop mania,

Flip Flops concept

Why do brides wear bride flip flops? It may be because of the theme of the wedding that made them decide to wear bride flip flops. Obviously, it is more appropriate for brides to wear flip flops on their wedding wherein they make their matrimonial vows by the beach; some even wear it on garden weddings and other venues.

There are a lot of wedding flip flops that are exclusively made to order by brides everywhere. There are a lot of manufacturers everywhere that offer cheap and affordable prizes, as well as thousand and thousands of ideas that will surely be the center of attraction during the wedding.

The designs can go from chic to glamorous, to hip and funky styled bride flip flops that are donned with rhinestones and colorful trinkets that make every single flip flop a treasure worth keeping. Deciding on what wedding flip flops to wear for you wedding is quite simple? With a just a few clicks and a couple searches on the internet, there is that perfect design for your perfect pair of bride flip flops.

To conclude, the issue here is not being on a wedding or for anyone to have a pair of bride flip flops or anything for that matter. It’s about knowing how the flip flops have emerged and has become such a huge hit worldwide that now; they are being worn on formal gatherings such as weddings and eventually maybe in other social events.

Wedding Flip Flops—Its all about the bling

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Tired  of the idea of wearing the same old wedding flip flops that come with the gaudy ribbons and bows? Why not try bridal flip flops with swarovaski crystals on them to add a little bling to your big day? They are a total makeover to the old school bride flip flops and will surely make flip flops addicts go crazy.

Did you ever think that such fab crystals can be used to customize your bride flip flops? If you are over adding ribbons, trinkets and accessories to your bride flip flops, well…look no further then crystals. As common as ribbons, there are all levels of crystals that are used in customizing your flip flops, and some are are very reasonably priced and can be bought in your local department stores.

The crystals that we’re talking about are of course the real deal…they are rhinestuds or korean stones. None the less they are very common and cheap and are very accessible and when you use it to accessories your stuff such as the flip flops, it would turn your dull mono-colored accessory into one smashingly awesome head-turner.

Bling it out!

Adding crystals to your wedding flip flops is as easy as separating your colored shirts from the whites…ok so maybe not that quick and easy, but the concept of customizing your wedding flip flops with these genuine-looking crystals is not that hard and would definitely turn them into flashy accessories for when you walk down that aisle.

Basically, when you innovate and redesign your wedding flip flops using these materials, it would not only turn that dull pair into a dazzling one but also, it will become the talk of the town once it is accentuated with the perfect accessories. Moreover, the more innovative and creative you are, the better the outcome will be. Be creative in redesigning your wedding flip flops and learn how to use those crystals the right to turn those dull moments into shining, shimmering and splendidly memorable for you and your loved ones—not to mention your partner too.

Take the opportunity to use these cheap yet very useful materials to help you in getting that dream wedding flip flops that will surely make you the talk of the town after the wedding day. People are going to love your creativity and how you have experimented in this project.

Summer Concept—Wedding Flip Flops

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Another Wedding season is right around the corner for you bridesmaids out there, and if you are a bridesmaid its time to get your heels out of storage and plaster on a smile.  On bright spot in the wedding season are the addition of  Wedding flip flops.  They are taking the summer wedding market by storm, as they are the perfect companion for the bride and her girls.

You may think that summer brings the beach, bathing in the sun or enjoying a tropical drink, but its really all about the bridal season and summer weddings!

The Perfect Summer Event: Weddings!

While some of your friends are busy spending their weekends on the beach, others are coming up on bridesmaid season. Some weddings are by the beach and with this, the best accessory that soon-to-be couples would consider having are a pair of wedding flip flops.

Usually, wedding flip flops come in white and ivory color, signifying purity but since its summer, bride flip flops usually come in bright and lovely shades of the summer, taking the advantage of the whole scenario. Common bride flip flops are designed to signify purity and are usually in the color white. But this time, creative minds makes twists to the whole flip flops concept and try to turn the dull white concept of bride flip flops into the most colorful and most blissful wedding flip flops ever created.

The Essence of summer

Usually, summer can be symbolized and can be incorporated to the Gumamela flower that comes in different shades and colors and are printed in almost summer related clothing piece and so as with flip flops.

Thus, summer wedding flip flops is designed in the brightest colors donned with cute flower accents and other summer trinkets to really bring out the summer feel in them at the same time, maintaining that essence of being a wedding accessory which signifies elegance at its best.

Overall, the whole concept of the summer bride flip flops would definitely work wonders in every summer wedding there is. Putting into consideration that summer is the most anticipated season of all for the fact that people can get to unwind and just relax and spend the whole day at the beach, enjoying every bit of summer as lasts. For soon-to-be couples, making their vows in the most perfect season would be one of the most memorable things that they would most likely treasure in their lives. Thus, summer wedding concepts are the bomb!