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Wedding Flip Flops—the Fast Growing Wedding Trend

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Gone are the days where brides wore only one pair of shoes.  Those stiletto heeled shoes to match their shimmering sparkling gowns are still fab, but the rising trend of the wedding scene today is to also snag a pair of wedding flip flops. Brides having all types of weddings are happier then ever because not only that they were able to wear a very comfortable pair of bride flip flops during the day of their wedding; they were also spared of the agonies of the painful heels.

Also, they find the wedding flip flops more practical since they are cheaper than buying swarovaski crystal flip flops that are very expensive and can really only be worn once during the wedding day. The flip flops can be worn daily, taking a walk around the park or just going to the nearest grocery store  or for a pedicure.  They are great because other then the color white, its not obvious that they are a pair of wedding flip flops since they look just like a regular pair of flip flops.

Wedding Flip Flops Concept

Most of the flip flops concept that are widely available in the market through pre-order or made to order options comes in different styles and colors that suit the tastes of brides to be who would be wearing a pair on their very special day.

What are the best concepts of a perfect pair of wedding flip flops? Usually, bride flip flops are different from that of the entourage. Either they would be the most stunning and dazzling pair among the bunch, since the bearer is the bride herself. Most likely she would have a design that is far better than that of the others or they could have the same design as of the rest of entourage for uniformity but either way, the idea of the wedding flip flops are pretty much more and the same.

Emblazoned with rhinestones and glittery ribbons, the normal flip flop would be then a glamorous piece of a wedding ceremony and turns the bearer the star of the day. The bride flip flops would be far better off it was really set to a different template design so as to avoid confusion with the rest of the flip flop set but moreover, what is important is that each flip flop item plays a vital role in the wedding ceremony and that is to present the bride in a more fashionable and comfortable way that no other footwear can offer.

Wedding Flip Flops as Unique Gift Ideas

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

A wedding ceremony is one of the most important moments of your life. You can make that big day even more special by giving the bride a special wedding gift. Why not buy her wedding flip flops? This has been a big trend in weddings these days. flip flops are also perfect for the honeymoon or outdoor weddings and Bride flip flops have been very useful to escape those painful her high heeled wedding shoes.

Reasons Why You Should Get Wedding Flip Flops

Think about it, how many weddings have you been through wherein the bride kicks off her wedding shoes in the reception in order to be able to dance all night? If you have worn high heels yourself, you would know that although these shoes make your legs and feet look sexy, walking and standing around them can be very torturous after the first two hours. Having wedding flip flops will make the Bride’s aching feet much more comfortable and can easily save the day.

It has been a huge trend in weddings these days.You can wear them to the beach, gardens, lakes -or any outdoors venue. For these outdoor weddings bride flip flops can be a great alternative to high heeled wedding shoes, which would only sink in the ground if worn outdoors.

The biggest advantage that these wedding flip flops can bring  is…. comfort. Remember that it does not really matter how beautiful your make up is or how your hair makes you look good or how pretty you’re wedding dress is. If you feel uncomfortable in the end, it will definitely show. Wearing flip flops instead of shoes can make the bride be completely at ease which would help her enjoy the fun and dancing at the reception.

Sample Wedding Flip Flops

Popular examples of wedding flip flops that are selling hotly in the market are the Bridal flex flops which are deemed to be very convenient especially in emergencies. These are foldable flip flops that come with their own matching tiny pouch which means you can bring them anywhere you can go. When the bride is done with the ceremony and her bridal dance in the reception, she can simply take out the wedding flip flops from the tiny pouch and settle her feet in them.

Jeweled white flip flops are also deemed as a favorite for bridal flip flops. These sandals can match the wedding gown instantly and you can have crystals in the strap or rhinestones to make the flip flops look special.

Wedding Flip Flops for the After Party

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Are you worried about getting sore feet on your big day? Then wedding flip flops may be the answer to your prayers. It’s now becoming a popular trend to wear flip flops in weddings; as fashionistas have found a way to make these bride flip flops look less casual for the special occasion.

Why Wedding Flip Flops?

How many weddings have you gone to where you see the bride take off her shoes when the dancing starts so that she can enjoy her reception? Today that scene is very common. The brides do this not just because she wants to enjoy the party, but because she wants to be free from the aching pain the heels are giving to her feet.

Getting wedding flip flops can easily solve this common problem that most brides have. You can wear them during the reception to give your feet a rest after the ceremony that you just stood through. Sometimes you can even be discreet about it especially when you have a long gown on. The comfort and softness of the bride flip flops would definitely make you feel enough relief that you can be re-energized to party the night away.

If you have a beach wedding or a garden wedding or any outdoor themed wedding, these wedding flip flops would be the perfect wedding shoes for you. Have you ever tried walking in heels on sand or on the ground? The fact that your heel would keep on sinking in the ground would makes it a very anoying experience. With flip flops on, you can be able to glide easily no matter where your wedding is held at. You surely will not have to worry about tripping over while you make your walk down the aisle.

How to Get Wedding Flip Flops

These wedding flip flops are so hot and trendy these days that every wedding boutique would definitely have them. If you do not have a wedding boutique in the area near you, you can simply log in the World Wide Web and make an order online at

You will find that there are a lot of styles and designs to choose from. Choose the bride flip flops that goes best with your gown for a great overall look. If you have an ivory dress on then the flip flops with ivory colored ribbons or straps may be the best one for you. You can also have your wedding flip flops custom made for more convenience.

Use Wedding Flip Flops for Beach Weddings

Friday, February 5th, 2010

When it comes to beach weddings, wearing wedding flip flops is the latest trend.  Flip flops are fun and comfortable footwear – and the best thing about it is that they are a perfect compliment to your beach wedding The designs can range from simple to extravagant. You can also get bridesmaid flip flops for your bridesmaid so that you can match. You can still use them after your wedding as well in various occasions – casual or not. This footwear will definitely be a real find.

Wedding Flip Flops for the Girls

For the bride, the white wedding flip flops leave you with a wide variety of choices to choose from. You can even have them custom made if you want to so that they can match your bridal gown. You can dress them up with accessories to add some fun and glam on your feet. Most brides would add ribbons, crystals or silver charms in them.

If you think you would need a heel because you are too short for your groom there are also wedge wedding flip flops. They look more sophisticated and the heel can be as high as you want. Because it is a flip flop, you would not sink in the sand.

Colored flip flops can do well for bridesmaid flip flops. They can match with the color of the gowns of your bridesmaids. It is also a fun way to add some color in the whole outfit without necessarily going overboard. Like the bride’s flip flops, embellishments can also be added to make it more fun.

The bride and the groom can also wear matching wedding flip flops for the honeymoon. The cutest ones I found were the Just Married flip flops where the words “just married” are written on the bottom. When the couple walks in the sand, they will leave those two words trailing behind them.

Where to Get Wedding Flip Flops

It is easy to get access to these flip flops since it is a rising trend, there are a lot of boutiques and wedding planners that have access to them.  When it comes to bride and bridesmaid flip flops nothing can be as popular as Flexflops. These are foldable flip flops that come in a cute pouch so you can carry them anywhere. If you want to set your flip flops aside and feel the sand in your toes instead you can always fold them and put them back in the pouch. The convenience and simplicity of it has made it a favorite when it comes to getting wedding flip flops.

Looking Fabulous with Wedding Flip Flops

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Although your wedding day should be the most important day of your life, most women will still worry about wearing high-heeled shoes all day long. Who would not worry about standing for hours at the church and then dancing again for hours at the reception on their three-inch heels? With the latest innovations in fashion, this problem is solved with the wedding flip flops.

These flip flops are specially designed to be worn during and after the wedding. Most of the girls would even wear a pair of these during the honeymoon. The designs of these wedding flip flops have a touch of glamour and formality. So, this footwear will always look really good with your dress.

Looking Glamorous and Elegant with the Wedding Flip Flops

Every bride should be the most beautiful person during the wedding. She should not be overshadowed by anyone. This is why she should always be prepared with a pair of flip flops so that she can have an alternative when her feet get tired in her high heel shoes. Footwear like this became popular when the bridesmaid flip flops started to gain popularity as well.

Wedding flip flops are very comfortable since these are mostly made up of elegant rubber soles. Upon wearing this kind of footwear, it will help the feet relax more so that the bride or the bridesmaids can continuously have a pleasurable time while dancing.

These flip flops are designed to suit formal gowns. So, women will not look like fashion victims while wearing it with their beautiful princess-like gowns. You can find a lot of glamorous footwear like this that are accentuated with lots of shiny stones.

How to Choose Wedding Flip Flops

When choosing wedding flip flops, the size is very important to consider. It should not be bigger or smaller for the feet. Over-sized footwear will never make the wearer comfortable. The material is another consideration.

Bridesmaid flip flops that are used in weddings should be elegant and classy so that it will fit the occasion. A wedding is a formal event which is why people must wear formal outfits from head to toe. Since most of these are made up of rubber, choose the ones that are using expensive rubber. The most common colors are white and ivory because women in weddings usually wear white gowns.

You can choose bridesmaid flip flops with lots of accents and accessories. There are some that use beads or crystals as accents on the footwear. You can also use ribbons as another option. Whatever you choose, make sure that it will match with the gown well so that your dress will have cohesion with your footwear.

It has been said that the people at the party will barely notice that you are wearing wedding flip flops in a formal event if its design compliments well to the design of the dress or the gown.

Perfect Wedding Flip Flops

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Weddings are happy events filled with romance and fun. But weddings can be very uncomfortable for the brides and the bridesmaids as well. Imagine standing and walking around in heels for a whole evening….you will have some aching feet by the end of the night. This is why people have decided to make wedding flip flops in order to relieve the ladies of a night of pain. There are a lot of bridal flip flops and bridesmaid flip flops available in the market and they comes in grand and simple designs. the celebration and the partying is still definitely on, once the bride and her bridesmaids slip their feet in a comfortable pair of flip flops.

Having More Fun with Wedding Flip Flops

You do not have to worry about hiding your wedding flip flops under your gown the whole event. A lot of these flip flops come in elegant and cute designs that would make them worth showing off.  Some are even designed with swarovski crystals. You can also have them custom made to match your wedding colors or your gown.

You will find that the bridesmaid flip flops are not only casual but they are chic as well. The ladies will avoid dancing barefoot at the end of the evening. Your bridesmaid can set wear these flip flops instead which would allow them to dance all night at your reception with a lot of ease.

You can walk around in comfort after the ceremony once you exchange your heels for a pair of these elegant flip flops. You can get a lot of comfort and ease with these wedding flip flops that you and your girls would certainly be having more fun throughout the celebration.

Other Used for Wedding Flip Flops

Wedding flip flops is also great for a casual beach wedding or any casual outdoor wedding ceremony in a hot destination. There are some brides who would prefer to keep things simple and dress in a cool and casual white summer dress instead of the glamorous bridal trains. If you are one of these brides, then you can compliment the simplicity and casualness of your wedding by getting accessories that are simple, casual and comfortable as well. The bridal and bridesmaid flip flops can also be a great compliment during the bridal shower party or the bride can use it while she is preparing for the big day or at a spa event.

For the best wedding flip flops I would suggest that you check out Flex Flops. These flip flops do not only look good but they are also foldable. You can carry them around with a matching bag so that you can carry them anywhere.