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Kate Middleton To Wear Flats!

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

None of us would be shocked to see a bride or groom walking down the aisle on their wedding day in flip flops or flats (especially those of us at flexflop!).  As the Huffington Post recently reported, none other than Kate Middleton soon to be Princess Kate, has also chosen flats as one of her “four” pairs of shoes.  Those of us here at Flexflop have tried to reach the soon to be princess and suggest a pair of flexflops, perhaps the bridal line, however, (sigh) we have had a hard time tracking down Kate.  She seems to  be extremely busy, as any bride is before the big day.  The flats are said to look like slippers and be “covered in multiple layers of silk, and heavily embroidered,” Yvonne Yorkel writes for the Huffington Post.

Kate Middleton to Wed in FlatsPhoto: Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

Royal Bride Catherine to Wed in Embroidered Flats [Huffington Post]

White Flip Flops—the Most Conventional Flip Flops

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Who would not go crazy over these clean and dazzling white flip flops? Very soon, it’s the season of the sun and everybody, as early as now, are planning their weekly beach escapades as well as planning on buying cute pairs of flips flops and one of the most popular flip flops are the white flip flops.

Since it’s going to be summer soon, the most perfect compani aron that anyone could ever have is the flip flops. As we all know flip flops come in many different colors and designs. But one of the most top-selling flip flops in the market today is the white flip flops.

Why are People Falling In Love with the White Flip Flops?

For one thing, white flip flops look really decent and clean. They would look stunning from afar and would somehow add a certain charm to whatever you would wear on a beach. Whether you’re sporting a bohemian dress on or your favorite bikini pieces, wearing white flip flops would perfectly match your outfit.

Aside from the white flip flops, the black flip flops are making a mark in the flip flops industry as well. As the flip flops are growing its popularity, how much more are the black flip flops.

What makes these flip flops grow its popularity is that they represent the dark side of a person. Aside from that, as you may have noticed, the color black mixes and matches perfectly with whatever colored outfit you are wearing. Also, being the counterpart of the white flip flops, black flip flops can be easily customized in terms of dashing in some color to the whole ensemble, making it more dashing to look at.

Grab a Pair of White Flip Flops Now!

If you don’t want to miss out on the whole summer fun, make sure that you are also armed with basic summer essentials to protect you from the heat of the sun such as sun block lotion and creams, a hat, a cute fan to add more glamour and cuteness to your whole and of course, a pair of flip flops that would complete your whole summer getaway.

Overall, it’s not just a matter of having white flip flops as one of your essentials. It’s a matter of being practical and taking the opportunity of being conventional as well. You don’t want to go around the beach in your sneakers would you? So your best companion is wet and hot season would have to be the flip flops. It saves you the hassle of wearing sneakers and instead, gives you more comfort while staying under the heat of the sun.