Concerns about fish pedis surface

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We’ve talked about fish pedicures a few times on our Twitter page. They’re all the rage in Europe and Asia right now, but Peterborough Today reports that some animal welfare supporters are concerned about the health and well-being of the garra rufa fish being used.

A fish beauty treatment craze which has reached Peterborough has come under fire from animal welfare supporters.

The therapy where customers’ dead skin is nibbled off their feet by garra rufa fish has raised concerns that the fish would have to be starved to behave in this way.

Peter Hiscock, manager of Maidenhead Aquatics, in Peterborough Garden Park, Eye, said they refuse to sell the fish to anyone they suspect is setting up a spa.

He said: “To get them to do a good job you would need hundreds of fish kept at near starvation levels.

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What do you think? Are the fish’s lives in danger?

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