Have a Comfy Wedding with Bride Flip Flops

For those of you brides who dread the thought of dancing and walking around in heels all night long at your wedding; bride flip flops could be the answer to your prayers. They will make give your feet some relief  and let you dance for hours at the afterparty. Bridesmaid flip flops are also a great way to provide your guests with additional comfort.  Traditionally, flip flops would be a big no no in formal events, but the times are changing and the humble flip flop has gone a long way up the ladder of fashion trends. Today, these casual sandals are now respectable and they are being favored for all sorts of formal occasions.

Where do Bride Flip Flops Come From?

The flip flop is made out of rubber and is considered to be casual footwear that is both easy to wear and are very portable. It is turning out to be one of the most popular footwear items especially in the tropical and sub tropical regions. Using them in formal wear such as bride flip flops is enough proof that they are a respectable trend. In fact, some flip flops these days are even more expensive than some shoes.

The need for bride flip flops began with the fact that a lot of women suffered through the pains of standing in their stylish stilettos throughout weddings. The bride does not only have to walk and stand in them, but she also have to dance in her heels – plus maintain the lovely glow of being the blushing bride. This is not easy if you have shoes kiling your feet. It is no wonder then that brides have welcomed the concept of wearing these to their weddings.

The bridesmaids can be relieved out of this pain too by letting them wear bridesmaid flip flops. Flexflop has been identified as one of the most popular providers when it comes to wedding flip flops.

The Popularity of Bride Flip Flops

Bride flip flops and bridesmaid flip flops can be worn in any weddding from a beach wedding to a garden wedding. The designs can be very elegant for casual wear. You can have a lot of options to choose from as well when it comes to how the flip flops would look. Some are even elegant that they can also be worn in church weddings as bride flip flops can be studded with semi precious stones, sequins or beads.

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