Innovative Wholesale Flip Flops

Wholesale flip flops are  one of the hottest trends when it comes to footwear. This is due to the fact that they are not only one of the most comfortable things out there for your feet but because these flip flops are incredibly affordable. They come in different styles and colors. There are bridal sandals, spa sandals, pedi flip flops and many more. If you plan to spending a lot of time shopping wearing flip flops is also one good way to avoid those painful foot sores and blisters that come with heels.

What are Wholesale Flip Flops?

Why are flip-flops called “flip-flops.”  Wholesale flip flops are usually made out of rubber and has a forked Y shaped strap in order to secure the toes. The back of the foot will be free so that when one walk in this footwear you would be able to hear a “flip flop” sound thus explaining why it is called as flip flops.

Its also an footwear enables your feet to get maximum ventilation. The wholesale flip flops are very easy to slip on and off as well. They are usually made out of different materials since these flip flops are very versatile. Aside from rubber, they can also be made from hemp, terrycloth, twill, coir and leather.

Flip-flops are versatile, they can be used for all kinds of casual dressing and there are also dressy flip flops that are available for parties and formal occasions. For spa lovers out there you should check out the flip flops that are specially made to be spa sandals. I believe it is a must have for every spa lover.

Wholesale Flip Flops Uses

There are a lot of reasons why you get your own wholesale flip flops. They are very trendy and cute.   They are very light weight as well so you can walk or standing around for a long time.

If you are a spa lover like me, you can use these flip flops as spa sandals. What better way to show the newly painted toes that you have? Aside from that wearing flip flops every time you get a spa treatment assures you that you would not risk ruining the work like what usually happens when you put back your closed shoes on.

Wholesale flip flops can also be perfect for the beach. Wedding flip flops are becoming a hit in beach weddings. You get to feel the sand in your toes any time you like to without having to walk around barefoot.


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