Must Have Wholesale Flip Flops

For outdoor wear, especially when the weather is warm, you would normally opt to wear open toed sandals. However, times have changed and you’ll notice that more and more people are wearing flip-flops and stores are buying wholesale flip flops instead. Even the traditional flimsy foam spa sandals are being replaced with the bright and stylish flip flops that women are crazy about.

Why Wear Wholesale Flip Flops?

Although they look similar to open toed sandals you will notice the big difference once you start wearing these wholesale flip flops. Sandals are not really good for the overall condition of your feet since they are not capable enough to give you all the support that you need. They are great if you are on a vacation and you do all this walking and sight seeing. By the end of the day your feet would be in pain and you would long to take those sandals off your feet.

You would need footwear that can withstand all the walking and wholesale flip flops can be the answer to that dilemma. Aside from being able to stand all the activity, these flip flops can allow your feet to breathe and to feel cool as well.

Wholesale flip flops are more comfortable than sandals because flip flops are made out of softer materials with rubber soles. The sole is able to keep your feet well insulated from the ground and are usually flat which keeps you away from the discomfort that heels usually bring.

Where to Wear Wholesale Flip Flops

You can wear wholesale flip flops in a lot of places. The beach for one is the best place to wear a flip flop. It allows you to walk with ease above the sand because the sole does not sink to the sand. The same thing can be said in the park or in gardens where the soft ground can be an obstacle for women who are wearing heels.

Flip flops are also very convenient spa sandals. They allow you to get a pedicure and leave the spa right away even if the nail polish is not dry since the spa sandals you have on can allow you to do your errands and walking without risking the chance of ruining your polish by smudging them or hitting them in a surface accidentally.

There are also dressier flip flop styles that are now being acceptable for parties and formal occasions. These type of models are expected to cost more than the usual flip flops but this is because they are studded with stones, jewels, crystals or beads.


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