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March 8th, 2010

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March 7th, 2010

First Fridays on Abbot Kinney …

March 5th, 2010

First Fridays on Abbot Kinney in Venice…love it when the stores stay open late

Wholesale Flip Flops Precautions

March 5th, 2010

In almost all parts of the globe, flip flops are becoming one of the most famous and the fastest rising trend. Every day, there are individuals who can’t help but sell flip flops so that they can earn extra cash. The flip flops industry are engaging in wholesale flip flops, reaching even  the farthest country in the world selling flip flops wholesale.

Wholesale flip flops have been going around the world, reaching out its wonder to many individuals who are getting in on the trend of the flip flops. Having originated in the orient countries, flip flops wholesale has been making it big in the US as well as in Brazil and Mexico.

Wholesale Flip Flops

Engaging in the flip flops wholesale business is not as easy as it sounds, importing flip flops from where it was manufactured and selling it to your neighborhood. Also, engaging in the business doesn’t also mean that you won’t be able to experience problems as well.

Large imports of cheap and generically designed wholesale flip flops that are pretty much found in most of the department’s stores and other novelty stores around are technically made from the same material but of cheaper value. They are more prone to last roughly about a month or so, comparing to the original product wherein it has a longer life span depending on the usage and how it is being taken care of. If you just take care of those lovely pair of wholesale flip flops of yours, then it may last up to several months and even years.

Wholesale Flip Flops Reminders

When you are browsing on the net and are looking for dealers of wholesale flip flops, mostly all sites have reviews and information about their product. There are product reviews and testimonials and you can try reading them before you finally decide to purchase.

There are different kinds of flip flops and you can opt to customize what you want. All you need us just to give the supplier your specifications and then they will manufacture it for you.  They usually give discounts when you order for wholesale flip flops.

You can also consult with a broker who has more experience in the flip flops wholesale business. They can guide you and recommend to you some great supplier of wholesale flip flops. Whatever you decide, make sure that it is what you wanted and is beneficial to you.

White Flip Flops—the Most Conventional Flip Flops

March 5th, 2010

Who would not go crazy over these clean and dazzling white flip flops? Very soon, it’s the season of the sun and everybody, as early as now, are planning their weekly beach escapades as well as planning on buying cute pairs of flips flops and one of the most popular flip flops are the white flip flops.

Since it’s going to be summer soon, the most perfect compani aron that anyone could ever have is the flip flops. As we all know flip flops come in many different colors and designs. But one of the most top-selling flip flops in the market today is the white flip flops.

Why are People Falling In Love with the White Flip Flops?

For one thing, white flip flops look really decent and clean. They would look stunning from afar and would somehow add a certain charm to whatever you would wear on a beach. Whether you’re sporting a bohemian dress on or your favorite bikini pieces, wearing white flip flops would perfectly match your outfit.

Aside from the white flip flops, the black flip flops are making a mark in the flip flops industry as well. As the flip flops are growing its popularity, how much more are the black flip flops.

What makes these flip flops grow its popularity is that they represent the dark side of a person. Aside from that, as you may have noticed, the color black mixes and matches perfectly with whatever colored outfit you are wearing. Also, being the counterpart of the white flip flops, black flip flops can be easily customized in terms of dashing in some color to the whole ensemble, making it more dashing to look at.

Grab a Pair of White Flip Flops Now!

If you don’t want to miss out on the whole summer fun, make sure that you are also armed with basic summer essentials to protect you from the heat of the sun such as sun block lotion and creams, a hat, a cute fan to add more glamour and cuteness to your whole and of course, a pair of flip flops that would complete your whole summer getaway.

Overall, it’s not just a matter of having white flip flops as one of your essentials. It’s a matter of being practical and taking the opportunity of being conventional as well. You don’t want to go around the beach in your sneakers would you? So your best companion is wet and hot season would have to be the flip flops. It saves you the hassle of wearing sneakers and instead, gives you more comfort while staying under the heat of the sun.

The Best Wedding Accessory—the Wedding Flip Flops

March 5th, 2010

Be the most gorgeous girl on your most important day in your whole lifetime; your wedding day. Be the head-turner, be the star, be like these when you sport a pair of elegant and brilliant looking wedding flip flops that are just perfect for any bride.

One of the main reasons why brides these days want wedding flip flops is that, it coordinates with the whole them of the occasion, all white ensemble that signifies purity and cleanliness and sincerity of the heart—just like every bridal flip flops should be.

Aside from that, wedding flip flops are the perfect accessory for this occasion since the flip flops are one of the most popular products in the country to date. Wherever you may go, whatever direction you may look, you just see a pair of cute little flip flops turning every ragged pavement look like rainbow M&M’s.

Wedding Flip Flops for your wedding

Where to find that perfect pair of accessories for your wedding day? Well, first of all, there are hundreds and hundreds of bridal flip flops manufacturers downtown so it wouldn’t be a surprise to you that in every corner in ever street, there would be a shop that are filled with flip flops in all sizes and colors.

Next, you would have to consider on how your wedding flip flops would look like. Surely you don’t want your bridal flip flops look just like ordinary flip flops on the most important day of your life don’t you? So, the best thing that you should need to do is to look for a shop that specializes on this kind of stuff. Then you talk it over with the personnel on how you would like your flip flops to look like.

Designing your Wedding Flip Flops

There are tons of great options on how to improve the look of your wedding flip flops. You just need to use your creativity and then decide on what style and what design and t trinkets you would want to add to make look so fabulous.

In your wedding day, you will be surprised at how people are amazed by your wedding flip flops. Not only that they look so dashingly inspiring, but also, they would look stunningly beautiful, just the like bride who is wearing those perfect pair of bridal flip flops that everyone has seen.  What more can a bride ask?

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March 4th, 2010

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March 3rd, 2010

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March 3rd, 2010

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The Trend of the Season—pedicure slippers

March 2nd, 2010

In the spa industry, there is no denying that the pedicure slippers are becoming the trend of the season. As the snow beings to thaw and you are in desperate need of that summer pedi..  the best accessory for the season are pedicure flip flops.  Try the pedicure slippers from flex flop.

One reason why these slippers are becoming a trend is that they come in different shades of colors with different designs on every pair, making each and every pair unique and one of a kind. Every pair stands out among the crowd.

Summer Means Pedicure slippers!

Now that summer is finally on its way, we can’t help but think of getting ourselves each a pair of new pedicure slippers because we might run out of time and we are still going to plan the best summer escapade ever. But of all the footwear out there why the pedicure slippers

One thing you should know about flip flops is that they are really light-weight and they are made of cool materials that doesn’t cause too much friction on our feet thus, making it the most comfortable and most light-weight footwear there is, to date. If you wear these flip flop slippers on the beach, you wont even realize that you are wearing them because they are so light-weight.

The Flip Flop slippers mania

Where to find them? Well, flex flop offers a wide variety of flip flop slippers worldwide. They not only distribute flip flops that are under their banner, but also other famous flip flop brands that are famous worldwide as well.

If you want to have your own perfect pair of flip flops, then make your way down to your nearest flex flop store and choose the best flip flop designs for you.

Each flip flop would define you as a person, whether it’s through the color of the flip flops or its design. That is one of the main reasons why they are becoming more and more famous worldwide, because they provide their customers and clients the best choices and options on which flip flop they would like to purchase.

If you don’t want to be left behind, grab a pair of those lovely pedicure slippers now and be ready for the coming of the season of the sun and the pedi to go with it.