Holiday Gift Guide for the Pedicure Girl

December 8th, 2010

Do you have a friend that’s obsessed with having fabulous nails and is constantly out getting pedicures? We do! And we know how hard it is to shop for them because they’re always changing up their nail styles.

But worry no more! We’ve shopped around to put your mind at ease when her name comes up on your shopping list. Here are five items that are sure to please the pedicure girl in your life!

Deborah Lippman “Boom Boom Pow”  Gold Glitter Nail Polish

Help your friend ring in 2011 in fabulous fashion with Deborah Lippman’s “Boom Boom Pow” Gold Glitter Nail Polish. What makes this polish special? Well besides the color, it contains 24K gold dust! Price: $20

Essie Red Hot Fiesta Gift Set

Add some hotness to the reds in your pedi-loving friend’s collection with this 4 color gift set from Essie. With names like “jag-u-are,” “fishnet stockings,” “aperitif,” and “thigh high,” you can bet your bottom dollar that these colors bring the heat. Price: $15

Nars Vintage Nail Shades

What goes great with a vintage outfit? Vintage nail colors of course! Nars is offering 10 shades from “years past” for a limited time. Check ‘em out!
Price: $16 each

CND Sparkling Champagne Lotion and Hand Wash

Give your friend the opportunity to shine with a beautiful holiday sparkle with the CND Sparkling Champagne Lotion and Hand Wash pack. As CND says, “there’s no cork to pop – just pump and enjoy the shimmering smoothness…”

Pedi-Please Flexxi by FlexFlop

Be the one who raises the bar for your friend’s pedicure experience. She’ll love getting around in these comfy, stylish, and convenient Pedi-Please FlexFlops whether she’s at the spa or in her house. Price: 19.95

Don’t see an item on this list that you think would make a great gift? Share it with us in the comments section!

FlexFlop selected as a Footwear News “FN Pick”

November 24th, 2010

Earlier this week FlexFlop received the honor of being selected as an FN Pick at Footwear News. We were mentioned in the feature with Emporio Armani, Rebook, and Dearfoams. (Pretty good company, eh)?

Thanks to Footwear News for selecting FlexFlop as an FN Pick! Here’s an excerpt from the feature:

The pocket-size shoe industry just keeps growing. Foldable flip-flop company FlexFlop has created sandals small enough to be stored in a glove compartment, handbag or holiday stocking. The concept for the product came after a long night of dancing in Las Vegas, said creator Stacey Kirsch. “We took our heels off and we were walking around the lobby barefoot,” she said. “It would have been great to pop on a pair of flip-flops.” The bendable slide-ons come in a rhinestone carrying case, printed with phrases like “Shoe Snob” and “Pedi Please.” …

Click here to read the article in its entirety at Footwear News.

On the road in my travel flip-flops- Destination Maui, HI

November 22nd, 2010

One of the perks of my job is that I get to travel around to see clients and go to some pretty awesome destinations.  This week I was on the road in my travel flip flops in Maui, Hawaii.  Every time I go somewhere I try and do one new thing that I haven’t done before to check out the scenery.  This week I decided to check out the view from the top of Haleakalā and take a bike 27 miles down the mountain.  Full disclosure…my best friend lives in Maui so I have been there quite a bit, and checked out a lot of what the Island has to offer like the road to Hana, Paia town, twin falls, Lahaina and much more but this is one of the things I have never done so I thought I would give it a shot.

I got up super early and decided to take the plunge and began our bus to ride up the mountain through the state park covering 30,00 acres of wilderness.  We took the long bus ride up drove past pineapple and sugar cane fields up to Haleakalā which  rises 10,000 feet above the water and it hasn’t erupted since 1790. It was much more scenic then I expected at the top.  Our group leader told us that Haleakala is home to many of the world’s 13 ecosystems including: alpine cinder desert, subalpine shrubland and grassland, montage bogs, dryland forest, high elevation cloudforest, low elevation rainforest and coastal.  Although you can camp in the park there is a 2 year waiting list for cabins because the scenery is amazing and it preserves the distinctive volcanic landscape of the summit area and protects the pristine Kipahulu Valley and scenic pools at Oheo Gulch. When we got to the top of Maui’s spectacular 10,023 foot Haleakala volcano (House of the Sun) the view was amazing….check it out!

Mark Twain’s 150 year old description of sunrise atop Mount Haleakala really sums up how cool it was…”With the first pallor of dawn we got up and saw things that were new to us. Mounted on a commanding pinnacle, we watched Nature work her silent wonders…A growing warmth suffused the horizon, and soon the sun emerged and looked out over the cloud-waste, flinging bars of ruddy light across it, staining its folds and billow-caps with blushes, purpling the shaded troughs between, and glorifying the massy vapor-palaces and cathedrals with a wasteful splendor of all blendings and combinations of rich coloring. It was the sublimest spectacle I ever witnessed, and I think the memory of it will remain with me always.” Mark Twain, 1866

The road down is the steepest paved road of its length in the world.   The guides took some time getting us settled on our “chopper” bikes.  This is not the best picture of me :) but you can see how cool the bikes are for cruising.  Our tour leaders made sure we were comfortable before we started down the of the park into 29 hairpin curve “switchbacks” some of them were 180 degree turns.  As we cruised down the mountain at 30 miles an hour all you had to do was lean into the sharp turns or you were headed across the double yellow lines.  Luckily I made it town in one piece and I am here to tell the tail.   Halekala is a must see if you are going to Maui and the views are spectacular and the ride is a blast!

Stacey Kirsch

Avid traveler and Flexflop Founder

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