Spa Spotlight: Le Petite Retreat Day Spa

Are you looking for the perfect place to get away with your beau on Valentine’s Day? Then we’ve got a special treat for you!

This week’s Spa Spotlight is on Le Petite Retreat Day Spa in Los Angeles, Calif. Co-Owner Ron Kustek gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what makes LPR Day Spa the perfect Valentine’s Day destination, all year long.

Le Petite Retreat Day Spa
Location: 331 N. Larchmont Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone: (323) 466-1028

FlexFlop (FF): What inspired you to enter the spa industry?

Ron Kustek (RK): Lysa Kustek and I were inspired from our extensive travels throughout Europe, and the spa experiences we encounterd. Finding there was nothing like the kind of escape experience one finds and enjoys in the high-end European spas, Lysa and I created Le Petite Retreat day spa in Los Angeles, with a vacation-resort-getaway feel, instead of the clinical treatment centers like other spas.

FF: What has been your greatest success as a spa owner thus far?

RK: For over 10 years we have helped thousands enjoy massage, facials, and especially couples treatments together in LA – plus we’ve had over 20 marriage proposals, and countless other celebrations! We’ve tried to remain truly personal and accessible in creating our strong following and great reputation, and know that we’re not the spa for everybody!

FF: What is your spa’s recipe for success during tough economic times?

RK: Success is delivering an experience people can’t get elsewhere, at a competitive price. There are so many discount spas hurting to attract any business they can, and those who are just deal seekers are often not very well behaved when at the spa, and sometimes don’t appreciate the hard work that a masseuse or facilist has to do. Many spa-hopper-dealters treat therapists and service staff as ‘lesser-thans’, which we don’t tolerate.

FF: Are there any trends on the rise that you’ve considered incorporating into your services?

RK: We’re always looking for not only new treatments, but those that are interesting and effective.

FF: What feelings and thoughts do you want people to go home with when they leave your spa?

RK: We want people to remember forever their great memory – either their own, or the memory they shared (and remember to return!) Not everyone can spa every month, so feeling like you’ve been heard, and taken care of, and that you will always remember ‘Le Petite Retreat day spa’ — which is why our mission is our motto: “Feel The Experience”.

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