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Woman grows fingernails to 24 inches in quest to become famous

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Photo credit: Mail Online

What’s the longest amount of time you went without cutting your nails?

Now add 22 years to that number.

That’s how long Atlanta woman Jazz Ison Sinkfield has grown her nails out. Why would she do that, you ask? To meet famous people, of course!

Jazz Ison Sinkfield says her lengthy nails, the longest of which is 24 inches, is her divine gift – no doubt because she would have to be somewhat of a magician to carry out day to day duties with such long talons.
‘I am very, very blessed’, the grandmother told WXIA. ‘One day I want to meet Oprah. And a lot more celebrities. And I just want them to hear my story’.

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