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Fish Pedicure – A new craze?

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Did you ever think you would hear of a pedicure involving fish?  Well, apparently in the UK a new chain of pedicure stores has opened which involve just that, pedicures and fish.   According to an article written by The Crawley Observer,  “Fish spa pedicures involve people allowing Garra rufa fish to eat dead skin from their feet. But concerns have been raised that infections could be spread through open wounds.”

Other sources have noted spas in Northern Virginia and other states introducing fish pedicures on their menu for as little as $35.

A new craze or just plain crazy?  Read the full article here and you be the judge.

Are you in need of a last minute Mani Pedi?

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Do you find yourself wanting to pop into the local chop shop for a pedicure after work but you are wearing heels?

Have you ever gone for an unexpected pedicure appointment, only to realize that you are wearing boots?
There is no reason to cause a post pedicure blemish or go home in flimsy foam sandals; The pedi-twill line will keep you
smudge-free because the sliding strap adjusts to fit your foot. flexflops have a sturdy…perfect for a day of shopping and doing errands after your appointment!

Perfect Addition to Any Pedicure Set

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Are you tried of setting a pedicure appointment only to find out that you would be wearing shoes on that day instead of a flip flop? If you are the type of girl who is fond of pedicures, then you should get this cute pedicure set from Flex Flops. After all, nothing can retain your fresh pedicure better than wearing flip flops after your trip to the salon.

Get Rid of Frustrations with this Pedicure Set

You might be wondering what a Flex Flop is. This is considered to be “emergency” flip flop made out of high quality cotton that fold in half and comes in a matching pouch that is as big as a make up bag.

There are times when women  make a pedicure appointment absently and would only be reminded of that when it is to late and they are already too far from the house to change their shoes. Having the flip flop pedicure set that Flex Flops offer would be a relieving solution to your needs.  For those unexpected pedicure moments, you can easily take off your shoes and switch to wearing flex flops instead.

This pedicure set would keep your newly painted toes smudge and blemish free. They have sliding straps which would adjust to your foot and a ridged bottom so you can actually go on with your errands after your pedicure appointment. The sturdy rubber soles would be perfect for you to walk in.

Other Uses for the Pedicure Set

The Flex Flop pedicure set is becoming very famous as a must have for every fashionista. The portable flip flops can be used for other emergencies as well. Every girl would know that heels bring out the sexiness in your legs, but they are not always comfortable or practical. You can give your feet a break by stepping into a flip flop when you need it the most.

The set would be great for girls who are always on the go. Having them around all the time would also save you from embarrassing shoe situations such as a broken heel.

And you would be glad to know that the Flex Flop pedicure set comes in different variations of styles and colors so they definitely are stylish and worth looking at. They can come in plain designs or with crystal and rhinestone embellishments. You do not only get comfort but your feet would look good in them as well.