Very Cool Ladies Flip Flops

Walking down the road is more comfortable when wearing flip flops. When picking up the mail or talking your dog for a walk in the park, cool ladies flip flops is best paired with your tees and denim shorts. This footwear is more than a protection on the hot pavement – it is a fashion accessory.

Ladies are very particular when it comes to their footwear – and buying them is just like buying clothing.  Ladies want something very attractive and alluring on their feet. There are array of styles and designs that looks best on your feet. Choosing the best flip flops needs a lot of thinking to do – especially for ladies.

Fashionable Styles of Ladies Flip Flops

Wedge and decorative flip flops are the two most wanted flops for ladies. Petite ladies prefer to use the wedge flops without sacrificing comfort. It features a large platform style bottom and perfectly right for ladies’ delicate feet. This flops also come in various heights and endless styles.

The decorative flops are the most popular one for teens. They have variation of patterns, embellishments, and colors. This is designed specifically for outgoing ladies who loved to show off their delicate skin with this footwear. Decorative ladies flip flops have flowers, rhinestones, and sequence and other decorations can be added as well to make them look gorgeous and pretty. This is what ladies like when it comes to their footwear – sophistication and style.

How to Pick Ladies Flip Flops

Size is very important when it comes to ladies flip flops. When you pick your size, make sure it is not too big or too small for your feet. There are some slippers that offer two sizes in one like 6/7. You need to try all the possible sizes. The slippers might be too big for you and may cause some accidents like tripping off or you might have troubles in walking.

Going for a very small size is also not good. Your heels are not protected much if you choose ladies flip flops that are too small. Your heel will be hanging off and it is exposed to dirt. This is not very pleasing to look at especially for a beautiful lady walking.

Some straps of ladies flip flops are uncomfortable when they rub against your feet. Rubber is the best material for slippers because it will not chafe and fits perfectly. There are some slippers that have heavier materials and they might be unpleasant when you walk. Just make sure you can wear them without having problems.   You need to choose the ladies flip flops which makes you comfortable.


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